Become a Festival Vendor

The NowRoz Festival is a great opportunity for high-quality vendors. All vendors are juried, ensuring that you’ll be in good company.

The price for most 10′ x 10′ booths start at $1000 and goes up to $2500, including a canopy. Discounts are available to 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Booth Pricing

All areas of the festival receive a generous amount of foot traffic. When applying you can request specific spaces (see the map), though we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to satisfy every request — if not, we’ll do our best to assign you a space that best suits your offerings and the festival activity in the vicinity.

Premium booth spaces are still available for the 2017 festival.

For vendors for whom the direction of the sun is a concern in making your booth choices, you may come a day in advance to set up your space.

Please note that all booths are required to have a canopy — if you prefer to supply your own, you may do so for a $50 discount on your booth fee. You must elect to supply your own when applying; we cannot guarantee discounts to vendors opting to supply their own later in the process. Vendors requesting shared booths must use a festival-supplied canopy.

Equipment & furniture for your booth:

Table (6′ x 30″) – $50.00 each

Chairs (2) – $20.00 each

Parking space (all day flat rate, no in/out) – $30.00 each

Electricity – $75.00 per booth Basic

Electricity – $150.00 per booth for Food Vendors 

WIFI Internet – $55.00  based upon availability   


If you have questions about participating in the festival as a vendor, contact us and we’ll help you out in any way we can.

NowRoz Festival 2017 Application deadline: February 28th, 2017.

Final Application Acceptance will be: April 10th 2017.

A fee of 20% will be added to all contracts!

*After February 28th Applications must be turned in with Cash Only Payments, No checks will be accepted.

*Note: Vendors must attend the NRF vendor meeting 1 day prior to the event date. Vendor is responsible to remember the date of the event. NRF will email or call vendors to remind them but this is not guaranteed. Vendor is responsible for choosing their own space in the bazaar area. Space is on a first come and first served basis unless it is specified in the vendor agreement.

Please note that booths usually sell out in advance of this date.

*NRF = NowRoz Festival

**Food Vendor Information**

NowRoz Festival Vendor Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Annual NowRoz Festival (NowRoz Festival) is organized by World Class Entertainment &, small business based out of the State of California.
  2. NowRoz Festival will take place on Sunday April 23rd, 2017
  3. NowRoz Festival, reserves the right to refuse a vendor stall to anyone for any reason.
  4. All vendors must review and fill out a registration form, sign this contract and submit with full payment to NowRoz Festival, no later than 45 days before the date of NowRoz Festival.
  5. All vendors (both Food and Non-Food) are required to have a Temporary Vendor License to sell within the City.
  6. No sharing of tables or a vendor space is allowed, unless authorized in writing by NowRoz Festival officials.
  7. Vendors must declare all items they wish to sell at the NowRoz Festival Vendor (please fill out registration form below). All Pages of this contract must be initialed at the bottom by the vendor.
  8. Vendors must declare if they plan to bring additional tables or stall accessories (i.e. stands, lights, easels, etc.) and will be charged accordingly.
  9. NowRoz Festival, does not guarantee any specific vendor location or spot for any vendor. The NowRoz Festival vendor coordinator according to what is being sold and how much space is required assigns all vendor tables.
  10. All vendors are required to bring their own table covers, banners, signs, menu boards, and vendor stall necessities (tape, scissors, staples, nails, etc.). NowRoz Festival, does NOT provide these items.
  11. Each vendor’s space shall not intrude upon another vendor’s space. All displays must be confined to the booth and cannot obstruct the view or access of neighboring displays. Exhibitors must not move from an assigned booth to another booth, assume additional booth space or move booth tables, chairs, or accessories from and between other booths.
  12. Once the payment has been received and the vendor table(s) and/or space have been reserved, there are No Refunds given for any reason.
  13. Audio, video and multimedia equipment will be monitored by NowRoz Festival officials to maintain and ensure that a comfortable sound level is maintained.
  14. Fireworks or incendiary devices, fuel tanks, heating appliances, etc. are strictly prohibited inside the hall. Please read below for details about cooking and preparation of food items outside of the hall.
  15. Vendors and their staff are expected to follow appropriate standards of behavior and ethics when dealing with customers and soliciting businesses.
  16.   8. The NowRoz Festival vendor will start at 12:00 noon and end at approximately 9:00 pm. All vendors must start closing up and cleaning their area at least 30 minutes before closing of the vendor and no sales will be permitted outside of these hours except with authorization from NowRoz Festival.
  17.   9. NowRoz Festival, Inc. has the right to shut down any vendor table(s) who we feel are violating any of the rules and regulations of the NowRoz Festival vendor. All violators will be ejected without refund.
  18.  10. All vendors are required to attend a mandatory meeting organized by our vendor management to go over fire & life safety requirements before the event. All vendors will be contacted and notified about this mandatory meeting as soon as possible.
  19.  11. Vendors and their staff indemnify and hold WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINMENT, NOWROZ FESTIVAL, their officers, directors, organizers, and volunteers harmless from and against all costs, damages, loss of business, judgments or legal expenses which may arise from this agreement, setup, exhibition, participation or dismantling activities during, before and after the vendor. Vendors also assume all risks of loss, injury, theft or damage of any kind or nature whatsoever to any exhibit or component thereof; including but not limited to food, goods, merchandise, cash, records, equipment, materials or any other property. Further, vendors are expressly bound, at their expense, to repair any damage that they cause to the vendor fixtures or the venue the Fairgrounds through unauthorized modifications or movement of their exhibit.

Set Up:

  1. All vendors can set-up their booth from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM the day of the NowRoz Festival. You will also have time on Saturday, April 15th from 2 PM to 6PM to setup.

  2. Please note that due to public safety requirements, all vendors need to arrive on time, or they will not be allowed to bring their vehicle inside the festival area after 10 AM and no refunds will be given!

  3. All vehicles (unless authorized in writing by the NowRoz Festival Vendor Coordinator), need to be removed from inside the Festival area by 10:30 AM.

Vendor Parking:

  1. Vendors are not allowed to double-park or park their vehicles hazardously by blocking entrances/exits at the fairgrounds and should move their vehicles to the designated parking areas after loading/unloading has been completed. All vehicles must be parked at least 20 feet away from canopies/tents due to the Fire Department’s requirements. Violators will be cited and will have their vehicles towed with first offense.

Booth Size and Tables:

  1. NowRoz Festival, will provide all non-food vendors with 1 table (approximately 3’ x 6’), two chairs and 1 canopy (approx. 10’ x 10’). Additional tables can be rented to use on the day of the event (see below for prices).

  2. NowRoz Festival, will provide each food vendor with a food tent (10’ x 10’ size) with food serving windows and three tables (approximately 3’ x 6’). Food vendors are allowed to bring in their own additional tables, but will be charged an additional $50.00 per table. All food vendors are required to bring in their own grills, stoves, microwaves, ovens, iceboxes, generators, extension cords, etc.

Food Vendors:

  1. All food vendors (Restaurants) must have a valid license to sell food and also receive a health permit from the Department of Environmental Health. The cost for the Health Department Permit is approximately $165.00 for Non-Prepackaged Foods or $96.00 for Prepackaged Items (Please Confirm Pricing with our coordinator) and must be obtained at least 3 weeks before the event. *Your vendor coordinator will help you with the application.​
  2. All food trucks/carts must have a valid license to sell food and also have their truck/cart inspected by the Department of Environmental Health at the County Offices. The cost for the Inspection and 1 day Health Permit for Food Trucks/Carts is $241.00 (Please Confirm Pricing with the County) and must be obtained at least 60 days before the event. The inspection (which will be scheduled by the County Dept. of Environmental Health) must be done at least 30 days before the event.
  3. All food vendors  must  carefully  review  the  packet  received  by  the  Health Department, as an inspector will arrive on site on the day of the event to inspect all food booths before the start of the event. If the health inspector finds that a food vendor did not follow the guidelines provided by the Health Department, the food vendor will not be allowed to sell food at the event and No Refunds will be given to the disqualified food vendors.
  4. NowRoz Festival and team are not liable for any food poisoning or sickness that may occur to the public for the food eaten from any food vendor stall at the NowRoz Festival and all food vendors take full responsibility for the food they cook and/or provide at the NowRoz Festival.
  5. Halal food vendors must sell Halal food ONLY (Meat that has been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the Islamic principles with the name of Allah pronounced). No Pork, & No Alcohol is allowed to be sold at the NowRoz Festival. All vendors who violate this rule will be asked to leave and No Refunds will be given. All Halal food vendors must provide a copy of their Halal Certification and/or a current receipt (within 14 days of the NowRoz Festival), which verifies they are using Halal Meat to the organizers of NowRoz Festival. If any vendor is interested to sell Halal meat items but does not know where to get Halal Meat, please let us know and we will give you a list of verified Halal meat suppliers, which you can choose from.​
  6. No food vendor is allowed to sell any drink (i.e. authentic drinks, juices, water, soda or other carbonated soft drinks, tea, coffee, chai) without first getting written permission from the NowRoz Festival Vendor Coordinator. See Note 2 on Page 2 for more information.
  7. All food vendors are required to provide their own signs and menu listings, which are large and easy to read and understand for the public. All signs must be written in English. Note: Once any menu item has been exhausted, then the vendor must UPDATE their menu signs stating which items are still available! If a vendor does not comply with this requirement, then the NowRoz Festival Vendor Coordinator and/or NowRoz Festival Volunteer will have the right to update the vendor’s menu sign accordingly.
  8. All food vendors are required to accept the NowRoz Festival Volunteer Food Coupons and will be reimbursed the agreed upon price at the end of the festival by the NowRoz Festival vendor coordinator or assigned NowRoz Festival official.
  9. All Food vendors must have liability insurance and must provide a copy of their liability insurance along with the signed vendor contract before being able to serve food at NowRoz Festival.
  10. All Food vendors should bring their own generators for electrical power if they require it. NowRoz Festival will have some portable generators available to rent at $75 (max.) to use during the NowRoz Festival. NOWROZ FESTIVAL, are NOT liable for any loss of business or damage to any equipment due to electrical power issues that may arise. If for any reason the generators provided by NowRoz Festival do not work properly or have any electrical power issues, then NowRoz Festival is only liable to give a refund of up to $75 (max.) to the vendor who chose to use the generators provided by NowRoz Festival at the NowRoz Festival.
  11. Garbage Fee: All Vendors are required to pay a refundable garbage fee of $100 to the organizers of NowRoz Festival. Our volunteers will verify that all the garbage at your vendor booth/area has been picked up at the end of the event. If the garbage has not picked up, then you will NOT receive the refund of $100. If all the garbage at your vendor booth/area has been picked up, then you will receive a receipt and your refund will be issued to you within 14 business days after the NowRoz Festival.

The NowRoz Festival has only 1 food court area

  • Food Court: The Food Court is located in the paved lot, next to the Bazaar exhibitor area. Both 110 and 220 electricity are available in this area. Limited space for concessions trailers is also available. Food Court will be open Saturday, April 15th for set up from 1pm to 6pm and open on Sunday, April 16th for set up from 6am to 10am.

  • Vendors must bring there own extension cords and power strips. Power will only be supplied if purchased in advance. Power purchase agreements are separate from the NowRoz Festival vendor agreements. Power is located in 1 area for food vendors and 1 area for bazaar vendors. Even if vendor purchases power NRF is not responsible to plug anything in for the vendor. Vendor must plug in there own items.

Food Vendors vs. Concession Trailers

Food Vendors:

  • Vendors who are cooking will be allowed to set up within a 10’ x 10’ space and will be given space behind the booth for cooking.
  • Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, and canopies/tents.

Concessions Trailers:

  • Are self-contained mobile units.

*General Vendor Rules for All NowRoz Events No Matter what City or State*

Health Department

IMPORTANT: You must complete and return the “Application to Conduct a Special Event Facility” and the “Food Booth Worksheet”

along with your food vendor application. All food vendors need to have a current food service license issued to you from the State of California. Please include a copy of your license with your application. If you do not have an in-state license, you may obtain one from the County Department of Public Health. If you have any questions about the regulations, or if you need to obtain a license, call the appropriate Health Dept. in the county of the event or festival and they will conduct inspections on the morning of the event. NRF is not responsible for the Health Dept’s ruling. It is the responsibility of the vendor to understand and have knowledge of food service. If you fail there day of event inspection NRF is not responsible for any looses.

Fire Department

There is to be no cooking under any tent or canopy, and all cooking and heating equipment must be at least ten feet away from any combustible materials. All food vendors need to supply their own  dry-chemical-type portable fire extinguisher, having a rating no less than 40-B. Portable LP-gas containers, piping, hoses, valves and fittings shall be protected to prevent tampering or damage. Compressed gas tanks must be secured in an upright manner, away from tents and canopies and are NOT to be secured to tent poles or trees. Because of limited space, refueling trucks will not be permitted on Festival grounds. The Fire Department will also be making inspections before the start of the event.


IMPORTANT: All food vendors must submit a certificate of insurance naming the event location and NRF as additionally insured. Please include your certificate of insurance with your application! In order for your application to be considered, it MUST be accompanied by a copy of your insurance!

(NOTE: under the section “Description of Operations” please include this wording: NowRoz Festival and the City “where the event is located” are additionally insured with respect to General Liability.  Also under the section “Certificate Holder”


Power is available for an additional fee and will be provided only to those exhibitors who paid for electricity in advance. Power agreements are separate from the regular vendor agreement. If you have not paid for power and do not have a written agreement for power, you will not be given power. Please do not think power is free and you can just plug in anywhere. NOTE: In the past, we have experienced problems with vendors who have used more power than they initially requested. This trips the breakers and causes many problems and delays that we would like to avoid! To help ensure a smoother and safer event for everyone, in the space provided on your application, please give a detailed description of everything you are planning to plug in. Please also note that every vendor is responsible for covering all cables and wires in his or her booth by using wire mats or covers – any cables or wires running into your booth space MUST be covered at all times! Extension cords, splitters, etc. will NOT be provided. Please plan on bringing a minimum of 200 ft of extension cords to the event and make sure that you have come prepared with power strips, or any additional equipment you may require. **We recommend that you bring two 200ft. 12 gauge outdoor rated extension cords.**

Event Services

NRF will provide trash bins, recycling bins. (once your cleaning deposit is paid)

Vendor must supply there own Zero Waste roll-offs and “gray water” barrels for your waste water.

We do not supply Ice! Vendors must bring there own ice!