Advertising Perfectly

Ad Packages : Online & Offline

Reach fans worldwide via our online and offline opportunities!

Across our real-world events and via our online platform, we can offer a number of cost effective sponsorship and advertising packages. The Festival is all about transparency, so we are not going to give you made up numbers and deliver far less. You can clearly see how many fans we have, the number of attendees at each event and the visitors coming through the website. The growth will determine the rates we offer, but we are keen to work with our partners and advertisers and happy to talk about long-term relationships and offering deals for those who support the Festival.

Our advertising options include 8 different levels depending on the size of the ad in our Annual Festival Summary Bulletin & Program Booklet. The Bulletin will summarize the NowRoz Festival and be published prior to the next Festival. All ads will be printed in color. Upon request we will happily tailor an advertising package to meet your individual marketing and promotional objectives.

Advertising Opportunities: We can combine any of the services and create you a special AD Package. (Just Ask!)

Gift Bags /  Website Ads  /  Program Book  /  Main Stage Banner  /   Entry & Exit Banner  /  Promo Giveaways Lanyards /  Step & Repeats Ads  /  Flags  /  T-Shirt Giveaways  /  Social Media Ads  /  Email Blasts  /  PR Release


Sponsor Gift Bags: $500

Over 1,500 gift bags are distributed to Festival celebrities, VIP’s, and selected attendees each year. Businesses and sponsors have the opportunity to include promotional materials such as t-shirts and coupons in the gift bags, or can include their logo on the outside of the bag.

Commemorative Program Books

These booklets are distributed to all attendees, and various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 5,000 of these beautifully designed books make their way into the hands of our attendees. Advertise in the program book with a quarter, half, or full-page ad to draw visitors and fans to your shop or restaurant, or drive traffic to your business or website. NowRoz program books are coveted and, with new themes and covers, have become collector’s items of loyal attendees. Sponsor logos are also included on the sponsor page in the program book.


2 PAGE SPREAD $2,000
with bleed: 17.25” x 22.25”

FULL PAGE $1,250
no bleed: 7.675” x 10.175”
with bleed: 8.625” x 11.125”

½ PAGE $750
Vertical: 3.712” x 10.175”
Horizontal: 7.675” x 5.000”

1/4 PAGE $500
Vertical: 3.712” x 5.000”
Horizontal: 7.675” x 2.12”

(Front or Back)R)
with bleed: 8.625” x 11.125”

with bleed: 8.625” x 11.125”


Top of web banner: 728×90
1 week: $250 / 4 weeks: $850

MPU web banner: 300×250
1 week: $150 / 4 weeks, $450

Micro poster banner: 138×185
1 week: $100 / 4 weeks: $300

Footer web banner: 728×90
1 week: $150 / 4 weeks: $450